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Healing Modalities

We believe in a holistic model of healing and offer a diversity of modalities to tailor healing to client needs.

We have multiple clinicians with a varied professional skill sets, ready to collaborate in your healing journey.

Available Services

Free Virtual Consultation

We offer a free 20 minute virtual consultation. Complete the virtual meet & greet form below to get started. Not a fan of online, no problem, a phone call works too.

*Some clinicians may not offer this service

Virtual Sessions

Can't travel to Langley? Traffic Anxiety? No problem, we offer virtual sessions allowing you to relax in a space of your choosing during the session.

In Person Sessions

During an in-person session our skilled clinicians may offer healing modalities such as Art Therapy, CBT, DBT, EMDR, and much more. Our in-person sessions can be 50 or 80 minute durations.

Sliding Scale

We understand times are tough, but it shouldn't be difficult to access therapy on a budget. Each of our clinicians can offer sliding scale to a maximum of 10 clients at a time.

Direct Billing is available for ICBC and CVAP clients

Direct Billing for extended benefits is  available for clients of Shameela only

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