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What is Grief Counselling?

As mental health professionals, we know grief is a universal and a personal experience and

there is no right or wrong way to cope with significant loss.

How can Grief Counselling help?

There is no right or wrong way of coping with grief as it is an individual experience. Some ways to cope include:

  1. Acknowledging the emotion by naming your feelings as grief.

  2. Validating your feelings without judgement. 

  3. Experiencing and processing the pain of your grief. 

  4. Seeking support and leaning on family, friends, and professionals

As a mental health professional, we'll help guide you through the stages of grief.

What is Grief Counselling helpful for? 

Grief is a strong feeling that can feel overwhelming at times for some people. Its effects can bring up emotions such as anger, sadness, shock, denial, or other unexpected emotions. 

The loss of someone close to you is the most common cause of grief, but it is not the only one. You can experience grief for anything that is important to you. For example, you can mourn moving away from your childhood home, the loss of a pet, changes in health, changing jobs, the ending of an important relationship, or losing a friendship. Grief is the feeling of pain caused by someone’s or something’s absence.

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