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What is Couples and Family Counselling?

Relationships are significant parts of life and can have profound influences on the way we walk around the world. Couples counselling and Family counselling work with couples and families to nurture change and enhance intimate relationships. The primary focus of therapy is on the functioning of family systems and interactions among family members.

Couples & Families

What can couples counselling and family counselling help with?

  • Relationship issues among family members

  • Conflict around family roles and responsibilities

  • Premarital preparation

  • Transition to parenthood

  • Parenting strategies

  • Empty Nest Syndrome

What will my sessions look like?

In your couples and family counselling sessions, the therapist will address emotional and relationship issues from a systemic point of view.

Together we will explore not only each individual’s feelings and needs, but also how they impact the couple/family as a whole. We aim to identify unhealthy family dynamics, replace dysfunctional behaviours, promote effective communication, and improve long-term relationship satisfaction.

Ready to for couples or family counselling?

Couples Counseling
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