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What is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)?

EMDR is a therapy developed by Francine Shapiro in 1987 which helps us integrate our traumas so we can let go of the past. It is a procedure used by trained and certified therapists to reduce the impact or intrusion of past experiences into present day life.

EMDR taps into the natural healing ability of your body and neuroplasticity of your brain. The first few stages are carefully designed to give you a little bit of exposure to your traumas at a time. The eye movements help desensitize you, & the traumas lose their painful intensity.

EMDR can be used to treat:

  • anger

  • anxiety & panic attacks

  • addictions

  • complicated grief 

  • complex trauma

  • depression

  • pain relief, phantom limb pain

  • performance anxiety

  • phobias

  • self-esteem & self-worth 

  • sleep disturbances 

  • stress

What does EMDR treatment look like?

EMDR is a staged intervention that begins with assessing your history and creating a specialized treatment plan. We use a technique called titration to go slow in the history taking phase to prevent re-traumatization. We prepare for the assessment and desensitization phases. Eye movements or sensory stimulation helps us integrate the traumatic experiences.

In the installation phase, we strengthen positive beliefs, & then use a body scan to process any lingering disturbances. We close each session by returning to a state of calm, so clients do not leave therapy in a state of distress.

See reference: EMDR-Resources-for-Clients

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