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Voices to Listen to During Black History Month and Beyond

February is Black History Month, and while we should all be listening to Black voices every month of the year, this month the focus is on how Black people have helped to shape the many spaces that we find ourselves in every day. From the history of how Black people arrived on Turtle Island to their foundations in arts and culture to the expertise of Black scholars in psychotherapy, the sciences, and politics, understanding the multifaceted perspectives that Black voices convey is integral to moving forward in a society that values anti-oppression.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of people to learn from and to listen carefully to. As a note of importance when considering anti-oppressive learning or unlearning, marginalized voices should always be compensated for their work and emotional labour. Please consider purchasing books directly from the writers or donating to a local Black run organization this month if these recommendations resonate with you.







What to watch:

· When They See Us

· 13th

· Hidden Figures

· Selma

· For Life

· Descendant

· I Am Not Your Negro

· Between The World and Me

· Summer of Soul


· The 1619 Project

· Malcolm X


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