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MEET Jen (She/Her)

Hello I am Jen, your Client Care Coordinator.


As your client care coordinator I am glad to connect with you and support you in booking your counselling session. I offer free consultations to match you to a counsellor on our team.


I will share a bit about me so you are familiar with who you are calling or emailing. I am a queer woman of colour, and the eldest daughter of immigrant parents from Singapore. I feel privileged to live and play on the unceded Coast Salish Territories.

I am on my own healing path, and work with a counsellor. I believe that we can all use support as we navigate the struggles in life. I have tried the LENS Neurofeedback that we offer at Solidarity Therapy. As a survivor of multiple concussions, I noticed a decrease in brain fog, an increase in mental clarity, and an increase in focus after LENS Neurofeedback sessions. LENS helped me survive the perils of my previous corporate career. 


I am also a dog mom and have a handsome boy Benjamin who is a loving pitbull. He is a cancer survivor and my bestest boy. We also have an energetic and Sassy Sable, who is a German Shepherd Dog. 


I look forward to connecting with you!

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